Our specialists have thorough experience in preparing the environment-related documents required by both companies and individuals in order to implement projects, having the required credentials needed to prepare the formal documents requested by the environment protection public authorities.

Our experts can provide the following specific services:
– Preparing the technical documents (environmental reports) in order to obtain the environmental permit (the document issued by the environment protection public authorities which confirms the compliance of the studied plan or program with the laws and regulations related to environment protection);
– Preparing the documents required in order to obtain the environmental agreement (the document issued by the environment protection public authorities that establishes the specific requirements for a project that has a potential environmental impact): technical sheet, technical memoir, environmental reports within the SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) process;
– Offering support for various bodies in order to obtain the environmental authorization (the technical and legal document issued by the environment protection public authorities which lists the parameters and prerequisits for any activity that might affect the environment in order to start): presentation sheets, statements, environment balance reports (level 0, I or II);
– Preparing the documents required to obtain the integrated environmental authorization (the document issued by the environment protection public authorities that gives permission to exploit an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) facility, according to the applicable legal condition): request forms, site reports;
– Preparing the studies needed in order to obtain the water management permit (the legal document required for funding or executing new investments, to develop and update de processes and installations, to manage the hazardous substances that can reach the surface or groundwater) and / or the water management authorization (the document that lists the requirements to be considered in order to fund or execute new or existing investments on sites that are close to water sources, as well as the management of hazardous substances or other activities that might have a negative impact on surface or groundwater);
– Preparing the specific documents required in order to obtain the domestic wastewater discharge permit, allowing the discharge of this wastewater into the public sewage system;
– Preparing studies concerning pollution risks (risk analysis for activities or projects);
– Preparing environmental audit studies (company audit, environment policy audit, branch audit, compliance audit, pre-procurement audit);
– Preparing de-pollution and ecological restoration studies and proposals;
– Taking noise measurements and preparing noise pollution reports;
– Designing waste management solutions;
– Offering environmental consultancy services.
– Taking over duties on waste management in accordance with Law no. 211/2011 waste management;
– Determining the tax base of obligations to the Environmental Fund obligations;
– Verification of achievement of annual targets for recovery and recycling of packaging waste by type and coverage of this procedure documents proving fulfillment of such obligations (invoices, shipping documents accompanying and waste);
– Evaluation and classification category recovered operators and recyclers in order to achieve the obligations to the Environmental Fund;
– Assistance in the development process inspection and control carried out by the environmental authorities (Environmental Guard, Environmental Fund Administration);
– Correlation of tax law and accounting environmental legislation;
– Regular newsletter on environmental legislation;
– Examination ( the audit) work for companies to determine improvements that can be made and ensure environmental compliance within the organization;
– Identify the best ways to improve the legal and drafting proposals to amend / correct environmental legislation;
– Communication with regulators environmental and other public authorities and local;
– Assistance and representation in proceedings and litigation on environmental issues.