Our experts have the qualifications required in order to prepare various biodiversity studies that are needed in order to plan and implement the specific investments within or in the vicinity of protected areas (Natura 2000 sites, other protected areas).
Our biodiversity-oriented services cover:
– Preparing biodiversity catalogues (identifying the species and community and national-protected habitats within the studied areas);
– The biodiversity monitoring plan – provides a basis for the long-term assessment of biodiversity aspects and evolution within the studied areas, together with measuring the efficiency of the protection measures set into place. The monitoring activities include both analyzing the initial stages of the studied biodiversity sites and the probable impact of the proposed investments and other possible uses of the natural resources available (agriculture, pastures etc.). The biodiversity monitoring plan evaluates the evolution of the biodiversity resources in time, also taking into account possible opportunities and threats;
– Biodiversity monitoring reports (the result of the monitoring activities in order to identify the habitats, flora and fauna of the studied areas of investment).